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Garlicky Chickpeas with Kale and Tahini Dressing

Easy weeknight recipes are the name of the game. Even though I love to cook and am always seeking out interesting and ambitious recipes, most nights I just want something delicious and healthy that I can throw together in 20 minutes. I’m busy, you’re busy, and yet we all have to eat dinner.


Happy Near Year + Hoppin’ John

The Southern US has a lot of great food traditions, including Hoppin’ John. This straightforward dish of black-eyed peas, rice, and bacon eaten on New Year’s Day is thought to bring luck and prosperity into the year ahead. If nothing else, it is a warm bowl of comforting food after a night of New Year’s […]


My New Year’s Food Resolution

As I was packing up for the holidays, I did my requisite fridge clean-out. Even after making a concerted effort this week to eat as much of the perishable food we had on hand, I still threw out several items. Half a carton of strawberries, half a quart of milk, some leftover pasta that was […]


Avoiding Allergens and Trying New Things

When I first moved to New York City, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know where to eat lunch, the best place to buy sneakers, or which bodega had the best snacks. Luckily, my wonderful coworker Kate was there to help me out (and talk me into going to Buff Yoga).


A Secret Recipe (+ cookie baking essentials!)

When my dad makes cookies, it is a production. Ingredients are mixed in the biggest bowls you can find (the stand mixer won’t help – it’s not nearly large enough), baking sheets and cooling racks occupy every flat surface in the kitchen, and excitement fills the air as a several-month supply of cookies comes out […]


Recipe: Farmer’s Market Kale Salad

Farmer’s markets combine three things I love: mornings (yes, really), delicious food, and supporting small- and mid-sized producers. I also love the element of surprise. Unlike a grocery store, the available produce is dependent on locality and seasonality.

Cookbook gift guide 2017

The Best Cookbooks for the Foodies in Your Life

The modern bookshelf isn’t what it used to be. Though I still like holding a real book, the convenience of the Kindle means most of my books are digital. Recipes are readily available online, but the photos, recipes, and stories scattered throughout a cookbook lend themselves to thumbing though real pages. Heads up: This post […]