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Weekend reads and recs

  Last weekend, we went up to Vermont for a wedding. It was gorgeous – a random cold snap a few weeks ago had begun to change the leaves so we got to see the beginning of the fall foliage while still enjoying late summer weather. Steve and I tried […]

Weekend reads and recs

Summer is wrapping up! This weekend, we’re going to the North Fork with some good friends. By the time I have another weekend in NYC, rosé season will be wrapped up and fall will be ready to begin! Here’s to the last few summery weekends, and some reads and recs […]


The oven is back in action

This has been a great summer. I’ve explored new parts of the city, gotten plenty of fresh air, managed to basically avoid sunburn, and consumed a lot (a lot) of rosé. But as soon as September landed, I happily pulled a sweatshirt of out my closet, bought a bottle of […]

Weekend recs

A few recommendations as we head into the weekend: Glossier. All of it! I don’t like to wear much makeup, so a brand that focuses on overall skincare as well as cosmetics is a winner in my book. My morning routine consists of a serum, moisturizer, and Boy Brow. Bodega […]

“What do you cook?”

In late 2016, I decided to take a career break. Though I loved the people I worked with, something wasn’t quite jiving. I wanted to take some time to figure it all out. During this time, I did some volunteer work to speak with women who were taking classes to […]