Happy Near Year + Hoppin’ John

The Southern US has a lot of great food traditions, including Hoppin’ John. This straightforward dish of black-eyed peas, rice, and bacon eaten on New Year’s Day is thought to bring luck and prosperity into the year ahead. If nothing else, it is a warm bowl of comforting food after a night of New Year’s revelry.


The black-eyed peas symbolize coins, and serving the dish with collard greens or cornbread signify money or gold, respectively. The first written record of the recipe was in The Carolina Housewife  in 1847. Like any recipe that has been passed down, there are many ways to make this hearty, warm dish. You can find a few here, here, and here.

Wishing you a joyous 2018!

P.S. – read about my resolution to waste less food this year.

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