In the scrapbook my mother made of my earliest days on Earth, she noted: “Kelli likes to stand in front of the mirror and talk to herself. ” Not much has changed, folks. I love talking to people — telling stories, swapping ideas, and getting to know others. My love of “chit chat” spans multiple generations.

When I moved out of my parents’ house and went away to college, I was surprised how much I missed having a landline and an answering machine.The few minutes of “Oh hey, how’ve you been?” on the other end before the person who answered fetched the intended call-ee cannot be replicated with cell phones. Especially when the calls came from my grandmother – whether the phone was picked up or she left a message, it always started the same: “Hey, it’s me – just calling to chit chat.” The call was nearly always intended for my mom, but I always spent a few minutes just catching up before passing the phone off.


About Kelli

Kelli is a 20-something Wisconsinite-turned-New-Yorker. She has been interested in the intersection of food and culture since her family first started getting the Food Network on satellite dish in her early teens. After feeding her family too many pasta dishes, she went off to college where she occasionally spent all of her beer money on vegetables at the farmers’ market.

Her early twenties brought her to New York City where she was able to combine her love of food with the need to make money. She worked as an early-stage employee at two startups before trying out the nonprofit sector. She spends her days working with food entrepreneurs, and her nights and weekends thinking about how to make the world a better place.

She currently lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her cat.



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