Baked Potato Chips with Herbs and Cheese

Baked Potato Chips with Herbs and Cheese

Potato chips are my Achilles heel. The accompany any sandwich I have for lunch, they are my preferred dipping vehicle, and my husband even gives me his extra crunchy looking chips because he knows they are one of the few tangible things that bring me pure joy. At home, I make baked potato chips with grown-up flavors for a reduced-guilt snack.

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Weekend reads and recs: Soup Edition

New York is kicking off this weekend with spring-like weather, but I’m still in soup-mode. Here are a few of my soup-related favorites from around the Internet this week:

  • This Egg Roll Soup (pictured above) from Gimme Some Oven came together fast and came with me to the office for lunch all week. Tip: I seasoned with soy sauce instead of salt.
  • Bone broth is trendy now, but soups and broths have been healing people across cultures for centuries.
  • My favorite read/recipe combo this week, Sausage and Bean Soup from The Splendid Table. Quick snippet: “So many different cultures telling a similar story of neighborliness and gathering around a pot of soup is a lesson in and of itself.”
  • Soup dumplings top my list of “things to cook someday but for now it’s just easier to go to Chinatown” list. (What, you don’t have a list like that?)

Have a great weekend!

Weeknight Dinner: Rice and Beans with Roasted Veggies

I make some version of this rice and beans recipe at least once a week. It uses two of my favorite kitchen tools — a sheet pan and my Instant Pot. This dish is healthy, inexpensive, and easily adaptable to what you have on hand in the fridge. I like to make large batches, then portion the leftovers into containers to bring to the office for lunch.

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My New Year’s Food Resolution

As I was packing up for the holidays, I did my requisite fridge clean-out. Even after making a concerted effort this week to eat as much of the perishable food we had on hand, I still threw out several items. Half a carton of strawberries, half a quart of milk, some leftover pasta that was lost in the back of the fridge, and more are all en route to a landfill. I am not proud of this, and I feel deep guilt about it as I type.

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Avoiding Allergens and Trying New Things

When I first moved to New York City, I didn’t know anyone. I didn’t know where to eat lunch, the best place to buy sneakers, or which bodega had the best snacks. Luckily, my wonderful coworker Kate was there to help me out (and talk me into going to Buff Yoga).

Since meeting Kate, we’ve both gotten new jobs, gotten married, and moved to new places (me to Brooklyn, her to Kansas City). A helpful side-effect of our friendship is that I am much more conscious of being inclusive of people who have dietary restrictions when talking about, cooking, or eating food — which for me is most of the time.

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DIY Holiday Gifts If You’re Short On Time or Money

If you are strapped for time or cash, consider taking a DIY approach to holiday gifts. Each of these took only a few minutes to put together, cost very little (most of the ingredients are probably in your pantry already), and didn’t depend on 2-day shipping. Bonus: They can all be completed in like, 5 minutes. Swing by your local craft store to get a few adorable jars and some festive ribbon.

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Weekend reads and recs: Onions, Sheet Pans, and Cheese

New York is freshly blanketed with snow and I am ready for a cozy weekend inside, cooking with bright colors. I’m headed to a cookie party and getting my house in order (literally) on my last weekend in the city before heading to Wisconsin for the holidays. Here are a few things I’m into lately:

Stay warm.